The Year Before “The Year of VR” – part 2

People are always asking me “What are some of the best new VR apps/experiences out there right now?” Then I’m like “Just go Google it yourself mom. You’ll have to use the computer because you can’t use Google on your flip phone.” As you can imagine, I’ve Googled that same thing many times so that […]

The Year Before “The Year of VR” – part 1

I’ve found myself having a lot more conversations about VR technology recently. Mainly because it’s the technology kick I’m most interested in of late, but really because this year [2016] in particular is a big turning point. For those not up to speed on why this year is different here is a short recap of […]

Core Loop: A Podcast About Videogames And Other Things

It’s no secret that we design and play video games here at Dragon Army. We talk about them an awful lot as well. Though given our Instagram feed, you might have figured that one out too. Starting today, we’re officially letting you in on those conversations with the introduction of Core Loop.

It’s A Wrap Charity Event at Atlanta Tech Village

We are excited to announce that Dragon Army is teaming up with the Revolutionary Minds Foundation to help make this holiday a little bit brighter for kids in need here in Atlanta. RMF is collecting toys that they will deliver to several local charities and orphanages. The goal is simple yet lofty: to gather over

Robots Love Ice Cream – From Video Game to Card Game

Our first video game “Robots Love Ice Cream” has taken the digital world by storm. This award winning title was one of the most popular games of 2014, but Spinston and his crew of ice-cream eating robots aren’t stopping there. Now that they’ve invaded your mobile screen, they’ve set their sights on your

Robots Love AIMA: Made in the ATL

Last week we were fortunate enough to win an Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AIMA) award for our work marketing the Robots Love Ice Cream launch earlier this year and it’s cross-promotion with Arby’s re-launch of the Orange Cream Shake.  The awards show was at the Buckhead Theater