Mobile World Congress: Wouldn’t It Be Cool If…

During my time at UGA, I had a professor who would start lectures quite frequently with “wouldn’t it be cool if…”. As we wrapped up our time last week in Barcelona with Mobile World Congress, I can’t  shake that familiar phrase from my head. Wouldn’t it be cool if… Mobile World Congress has

Animating 2D Sprites With 3D Geometry

Here in the studio, we’ve started playing with some new tools and a new workflow for animating 2D sprites with 3D geometry. “Why would you do that?” you might ask. By using 3D meshes to animate our sprites, we can achieve some really nice animations across the board. We can squash, stretch, skew

48 Hours In Barcelona: Mobile World Congress 2015 So Far

We’re nearly two days into Barcelona, and as expected, so far Mobile World Congress has left us inspired, inquisitive and still asking “how did they do that?” While the sheer amount of technology is electrifying on the expo floor, it’s the stories behind each of those products that we’re taking

Game Personas in Mobile Marketing: Personal Motivation

Mobile games have cracked the code on creating meaningful user engagement, something marketers have struggled with creating in mobile experiences. One method to rethinking how to approach the design of those experiences is by the application of gaming personas to the development process. By matching

The Chipotle Scarecrow: Beyond Marketing Gimmicks

We’re more than a year removed from the launch of Chipotle’s Back to the Start campaign which featured the popular film and game “The Scarecrow”. A recent reminder found at some local Chipotle restaurants last month put the campaign back into focus…and back into many of the conversations around gaming

Game Personas in Mobile Marketing: Universal Use

As we mentioned in our post on “Marketing in a Mobile Driven World”, the gaming community has been effective at solving a challenge which marketers have struggled in creating with mobile experiences:  engagement. Mobile games convert into engagement in part because of a unique concentration on

Marketing in a Mobile Driven World

As the dust settles from our recent acquisition of Proving Ground and our physical merging of offices, we set our sights on the year ahead. One major initiative is telling our story on why we believe the combination of a mobile-first agency and a game studio is the future of digital experiences. Engineering

TSOSG: Part 5 – Cooperation and Community Objectives

The time has come for us to finish our series on successful game mechanics. This is the final entry in our five part series that was inspired by a recurring question we get asked when speaking to brands. We’ve found that many marketers need help creating deeper engagement with their mobile experiences (part of the

Dragon Army Acquires Mobile Agency Proving Ground

In the novel Ender’s Game, Colonel Graff said it best when he told Ender, “We’re doing something unusual with Dragon Army.” As you can see in the title, Dragon Army is proud to announce we’ve acquired Proving Ground, one of the leading mobile agencies in the Southeast. At first, the news of a gaming

It’s A Wrap Charity Event at Atlanta Tech Village

We are excited to announce that Dragon Army is teaming up with the Revolutionary Minds Foundation to help make this holiday a little bit brighter for kids in need here in Atlanta. RMF is collecting toys that they will deliver to several local charities and orphanages. The goal is simple yet lofty: to gather over