Netflix Knows All About Your Binge Habits

When I was a kid and a song I disliked came on the radio, I remember thinking…if I turn the channel, maybe somewhere in the studio a listener count will tick down and they will remember not to play that again. I don’t think it ever worked. But in the digital world, it just might, […]

Animating 2D Sprites With 3D Geometry

Here in the studio, we’ve started playing with some new tools and a new workflow for animating 2D sprites with 3D geometry. “Why would you do that?” you might ask. By using 3D meshes to animate our sprites, we can achieve some really nice animations across the board. We can squash, stretch, skew

TSOSG: Part 5 – Cooperation and Community Objectives

The time has come for us to finish our series on successful game mechanics. This is the final entry in our five part series that was inspired by a recurring question we get asked when speaking to brands. We’ve found that many marketers need help creating deeper engagement with their mobile experiences (part of the

Concepting With Our DepARTment

It’s been pretty busy for the past few weeks in the best of ways. We’ve been tidying up Defend the Dam to get it ready for release as well as hitting the ground running on some new prototypes and some related (and non-related) concept art. Dev (the one’s who actually work) sent us over some […]

TSOSG: Part 4 – Partial Reinforcement

In our meetings with brands, we often discuss various mechanics that are found frequently in popular games. Not only can these mechanics be used to build successful games, they are important to keep in mind for other app builds and marketing plans. This is the fourth entry in our five part series on

Robots Love Ice Cream – From Video Game to Card Game

Our first video game “Robots Love Ice Cream” has taken the digital world by storm. This award winning title was one of the most popular games of 2014, but Spinston and his crew of ice-cream eating robots aren’t stopping there. Now that they’ve invaded your mobile screen, they’ve set their sights on your

TSOSG: Part 3 – Creativity and Self Expression

We frequently discuss with brands how they can incorporate gaming mechanics into their marketing and mobile strategies. In those conversations, we highlight popular and key tactics that are used within games to stimulate interactions. This is the third entry in our five part series on successful game mechanics:

TSOSG: Part 2 Limited Time and Seasonal Events

In our conversations with brands about how to use game mechanics in their marketing and business strategies, we are frequently asked about some of the more popular mechanics. This is the second entry in our five part series on successful game mechanics: Limited Time and Seasonal Events. The use of

TSOSG: Part 1 Social Competition

We regularly speak with groups at companies about how brands can leverage both games and game mechanics in their marketing and mobile strategies. In those discussions, the question about what makes a great game will often arise. While there is no single magic bullet design mechanic to guarantee